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Welcome to BM MOTORS., Ltd.
Since the BM MOTORS corporation's establishiment in 2001, our company has strived for developing a variety of products that not only meet our customer's needs and wants but also enable our consumers to cope with the raidly changing market circumstances.
In addition, our company has continued our unremitting exertion in proving the best quality products with the resonable price.
As a result, our consumers has acknowledged that our company has beaten competiotion from numberous products to serve as a industrial leader.
The BM motors will constantly exert our best efforts to maintain our brand name as a first runner in manufacturing products such as electric motorcycles, recreational vehicles. and multi-purpose vehicles not only in South Korea but also in the international arena.
Please, stay tuned for all the efforts of the BM motors to make our consumers' lives happier and more convenient.
CEO 김진억